Living life together - that's what we're all about whether it's worshipping God, getting to know each other better or serving in our community. Join a missional community and grow in every one of these areas. 


What is the purpose of Missional Community?  
In a nutshell, it's to make disciples the way Jesus makes disciples.  And he didn’t run weekly Torah Studies!  He and the disciples spent time together doing things that reflect God’s heart, using the three great commandments: Love God (UP), Love our neighbours (OUT), Love one another (IN).
How does it do that?
- by developing a monthly rhythm centered around UP, OUT, IN:
- one week we’ll spend time focusing on UP (scripture, prayer, worship, etc.)
- another week will be OUT, serving together at something the group chooses (Mustard Seed, food bank, a school, a neighbourhood, Hope Mission)
- IN should happen each week, and sometimes we’ll make it the focus by eating together, playing games, and enjoying each other’s company
Why should I bother? Isn't this just another group?
Actually, it's not. Lots of our typical church groups centre around one part of this (like a church service, bible study, or a social event) but they don't allow people to get connected on a 'living life together' level. This is different - we get a chance to really know people by spending time with them in different environments doing different things together. It's a way to connect that goes well beyond the typical Sunday morning small talk. 
What are the different MC's doing?
Refugee Focus
Hope Mission Focus
Mustard Seed Focus
Meeting times and locations vary.  Please contact the Point Leader for more info.
Wednesday evening. Point Leaders are Joel & Chantel Raatz -
Friday evening. Point Leaders are Dave & Kristina Bunney -