As a member of Unity Baptist Church:

I can... live as a new creation. I commit to living my life wholly in Christ, having made a public testimony and been baptized by water immersion.

I can... grow spiritually. I commit to spending time with God through prayer and personal devotions and encourage the same of children living in my home. I commit to growing alongside others in this community through bible study, regular church attendance, Sunday School, small groups and other Christian education opportunities as they arise.

I can... grow relationally. I commit to building relationships with other attendees of Unity Baptist. I commit to supporting, praying for and serving other members of this church, this community, and the community at large. I commit to witnessing to the people in my life and inviting them to share in activities, worship and teaching at Unity Baptist.

I can... grow in servanthood. I commit to discovering and using my God-given talents and skills in carrying out the work at Unity Baptist.

I can... grow by trusting God with all my resources. I commit to being part of this community by becoming a generous giver of my time and finances through tithing.

I can... be part of the decision-making. I commit, by the age of maturity (18 years) to attend, participate and vote at meetings called by the church leadership.

I can... join with the heart of all believers. I commit to reading and adhering to the NABC Statement of Faith and Baptist Distinctives.