When you come to one of our services, you can expect most of the following things to happen.

  • We are currently meeting at the Red Deer Dream Centre downtown (4614 50 Ave), while Hope Mission organises and completes a Community Centre building project at 139 Northey. Once the building is completed, we will return to worship there.
  • The worship space will seem empty until about 2 minutes before the service starts. Within 10 minutes, it'll be pretty full.
  • Lots of people will have coffee with them. Totally cool with us. 
  • A couple of our church folks will be there to greet you at the doors.
  • If you arrive a bit late, just wait until the kids are dismissed to Children's Church and lots of seats will free up.
  • If your kids make a bit of noise, we won't notice because ours are doing the same. We are a very family-oriented church and want people of every age to feel like they belong.