Thinking about getting involved with Kids Church but you're not sure what all is involved? Here's everything you need to know:

  • You need a current, valid Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check
  • You need to adhere to all policies and practices as outlined in our church's policy manual, especially our updated Abuse Prevention Policy
  • Minimum age for Group & Station leaders is Grade 8
  • The leaders typically serve once every three weeks or so
  • We also need folks willing to serve as substitute leaders

Here are the different ways you can help serve:

Point Person (1)
We need one more person to help out JoAnn & Kristina. The Point person will receive the entire lesson plan for that Sunday. The Point person oversees the large group, sings a song with the kids, and dismisses them to their stations. They keep track of time and let the leaders know when groups need to rotate. At the end of the session, after overseeing the journals, they ensure all kids return to their parent(s) in the sanctuary. They are available to address any questions or concerns.
Story Teller (3)
Activities Leader (3) 
Craft Leader (3)
These station leaders are responsible for completing the lesson/activity that has been chosen for the week. Mid-Week (usually by Wed or Thurs), you will receive an email with the lesson plan ~ all materials and supplies will be prepped and waiting for you when you arrive at your station. You would run your station 3 times on Sunday as the groups rotate through. Group leaders & helpers are present to help children sit, listen, participate, etc.
Group Leader (9)
A Group leader is grade 8 to adult. They follow their group through the stations and help with the group (supervising group, encouraging kids to listen & participate, addressing any disciplinary issues, and providing help to kids if needed, etc).
Group Helper (9)
A Group Helper is grade 6 & 7 to adult. They help the group leader with the group (encouraging kids to listen & participate, provide help to individual kids as needed)
Pre-K Teacher (2-3)
Pre-K Teachers are grade 8 to adult. They are in the Pre-K Classroom after the large group session & song for an age-appropriate lesson, snack, and play time. Lesson plan is provided in advance and all craft materials and supplies are prepped for you.
Pre-K Helper (3)
Pre-K Helpers are grade 6 & 7 to adult. They help the Pre-K teacher in the large group session and classroom.
Toddler Room Adult (3)
The Adult supervises the toddlers as they play and have snack.
Toddler Room Helper (3)
The Toddler Room helper is grade 6 & 7 to adult. They help the toddler room adult.
Youth in grades 6 & 7 will have Club 67 class every other Sunday. On the alternate weeks, there is an opportunity for you to serve. Here are some options:
Group Helper
Pre-K Helper
Toddler Helper
AV/Sound Booth
Please let Kristina Bunney know if you are interested in serving in any of these areas. Please indicate which role interests you as well as which age group (if applicable, for example, you would like to serve as a group leader for grade 2 because your child is in that grade.)