Daniel 2

Few things have caused more division among well-meaning Christ followers than politics and “end times” questions, both of which are the subjects of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.  No wonder he couldn’t sleep!

Discussion Questions (Read Daniel 2:31-45)

  • Nebuchadnezzar’s dream concerns the future of his kingdom and those coming after, ending by God’s kingdom being established in place of them. Why do you think Nebuchadnezzar was given this dream?
  • The kingdoms decline in quality while increasing in strength (gold—>iron), ultimately being supported by “feet of clay” (vv. 33-34).  In the vision, the only thing that lasts is the rock (kingdom) “cut not by human hands” (i.e., divine action). The sermon suggested that “everything not built by God has feet of clay.”  Where have you seen this to be true in history and in your experience?
  • The rock grows into a mountain which fills the earth.  The hope offered to God’s people in the book of Daniel is not to be taken to heaven, but to experience God’s reign on a renewed earth (there’s more of this to come in Daniel).  How would this have been an encouragement to those living in exile? 
  • If nothing will last that isn’t built by God (see #2 above), what does that say about:
    • China… and Canada?
    • Dictatorships… and democracy?
    • Socialism… and capitalism?
    • loyalty to a political party or country?
    • the relationship between the church and state?
  • If it’s not we, but God who’s building his lasting kingdom, what’s our role and responsibility within that project?  After answering that, what’s our responsibility for building or influencing the Canadian kingdom? What Scriptures would you apply to these questions?