AGM recap

AGM recap

Here's a short recap of this week's Annual General Meeting (official minutes should be available in a month or so):

  • All those nominated for council positions were affirmed:
    • Michael Balon as Treasurer
    • Megan Stober and Ron Murdoch as Members-at-Large
  • Heather Plett (moderator) explained that the position of Financial Position is under review as the responsibilities of this position have changed significantly in recent years.
  • The new Mission Statement was affirmed: Love God, Love One Another, Love Your Neigbhour, Everyday, Everywhere, Everyone.
  • Reports were received and discussed, including the new Strategic Plan, and Bev Manning spoke about the impact of her participation in a Missional Community.
  • There was significant discussion regarding the proposed motion to investigate donating UBC’s building and land to Hope Mission for their new facility, which we would share. Most spoke in favour of the general direction, but many were concerned about the word “donate” without more details and assurance of the long-term benefit to UBC. A revised motion was passed "to empower staff and council to continue to investigate the options of using our land and building with Hope Mission" with the understanding that all options should be investigated, including (but not limited to) donating our land and building.
  • The Treasurer’s report was received and the proposed budget for 2017-18 was passed as presented.
  • The outgoing council members, Darlene Johnson, Joel Cadieux, and Jodi Landry were thanked for their service.

If you would like more information about any of the above, please feel free to contact the church council via our moderator, Heather Plett, or any of the church staff. We've attached a copy of the presentation for your review. As well, you can find our Annual Reports, which contain much more detail, on our website.

We will keep you informed of further council news and developments regarding our discussions with Hope Mission.

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